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Michael Connolly
via Google

My 3 and 4 year-old boys are in the Lil Dragons program. They both absolutely love it. The instructors are so good and so patient with the young kids. I highly recommend FMA!

Laura Jenkins
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My son has been attending Freedom Martial Arts for 3 and a half years now and he loves it. My son was very shy, struggled with social anxiety, and he would have a meltdown in a large crowd when we first started attending classes here. For the longest time, the instructors didn’t even know he could talk. Master Altizer and his team helped my son become confident and helped him open up. After 3 months of attending classes, he was invited to tryout for their sparring team. He was so excited for tryouts, but there was a large number of kids trying out as well so it was a little crowded and my son had a meltdown. Finally, he got the courage to go in for tryouts after a 30 minute meltdown and he hasn’t stopped since. He loves being at Freedom Martial Arts and loves competing. He competes at a national level, in front of thousands of people and does not struggle with social anxiety as much. Last competition season did not go well for my son due to him getting in his own head and not agreeing in some calls. Master Altizer noticed that and had a talk with him about how unfortunately that is how it goes some times and now I can see a difference in him since that talk. He has more confidence in himself now than he ever has thanks to Master Altizer and his team. Master Altizer is always there to listen and work with anyone that is having issues in class or outside class. This is a 25 minute drive for us one way and it is worth every minute.

Ashley Gibson
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We absolutely love FMA & recommend to all children and adults! They are very understanding and caring about everyone there! My sons been going for over 2 years and is a Jr green belt and he enjoys all of their company!

10/10 recommend

Thomas Buck
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Excellent school! My son and daughter have gained confidence and strength while making friends along the way. Both now compete on the national team with my son ranked #1 in the nation (insert proud dad moment). The instructors are outstanding and teach respect for instructors, listening, and discipline. Their teachers at their school have commented on how respectful they are compared to the other students. The byproduct of these vital life skills is their ability to defend theirselves should the need arise (but, the three skills above greatly reduce the need for the self defense). I highly recommend you check out Master Altizer and his team.

Joe St. Mary
via Google

Great martial arts studio! My daughter has been attending for about a year now and she loves it. They do a really good job at making it feel like family while still teaching discipline. I have seen my daughter confidence grow significantly since attending.

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